Hey, so it's the The Weeknd's birthday today and turns out he has a whole gang of really cool friends and that's something he wants to remind you of.

Drake, French Montana, Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky, Metro Boomin and more appear in The Weeknd's video for 'Reminder'. "Why is the squad all here when they have no features and presumably live very busy lives?" I hear you cry. No real reason, pal, other than to of course, party with strippers/send a very clear message: The Weeknd fucks with everyone who's anyone and you can't touch him.

If all of hip-hops heavy hitters weren't reason enough to watch, there are also hot girls. And drugs. And fast cars. And private planes. And arson. Justin Bieber is noticeably absent though, sorry to disappoint.

Check the video below to feel insecure about your bank balance and your weekend plans.

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