Taylor Swift Fans Refuse to Settle In Ticketmaster Lawsuit

Taylor Swift Fans Refuse to Settle In Ticketmaster Lawsuit

Never underestimate the power of a group of really angry stans.

Just last week, a group of over 20 Taylor Swift fans filed a lawsuit against Ticketmaster's parent company, Live Nation, for "unlawful conduct." The suit alleges that they were subjected to inflated prices during the presale and accuses Ticketmaster of monopolizing the ticketing process, effectively giving Taylor Swift "no choice" but to use them since they hold contracts with most stadiums.

If Ticketmaster wants to offer the Swifties a sum they couldn't refuse, they'll definitely refuse.

According to TMZ, attorney Jennifer Kinder was responsible for filing the lawsuit and she does not believe the ticketing giant's excuses that the ticketing fiasco was a matter of supply and demand. If there's more demand than there are tickets, Kinder is taking a page out of that playbook and adding more plaintiffs beyond the 26 that originally sued.

Kinder isn't just some lawyer seeking to make a fat paycheck either. She's a Swiftie herself! According to The Washington Post, she was one of the many fans who signed up for the verified fan presale, eventually being strung along for three days with no success. After taking to social media to see if anyone else shared her experiences, she found her plaintiffs for what will hopefully be a monumental lawsuit that cracks down on Ticketmaster and Live Nation's deceptive practices.

The suit seeks $2,500 for every violation of California's Unfair Competition Law, which basically refers to any unlawful conduct or misleading advertising done by a business.

If there's one thing to be thankful for, it's that Swift didn't partner with failed cryptocurrency exchange FTX. In new reports, the two were in talks to seal a $100 million sponsorship deal, but the talks eventually fizzled out only months before its monumental collapse in November.

If the Swifties are able to take down Ticketmaster, maybe they can take down Sally Mae and Nelnet next.

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