Taylor Swift Accidentally Becomes the Face of Funeral Caskets

Taylor Swift Accidentally Becomes the Face of Funeral Caskets

Taylor Swift has just become an accidental spokesperson for a pretty unexpected product thanks to Midnights.

In case you haven't seen the new self-directed music video for "Anti-Hero," the 32-year-old star spends most of it wandering around a house at night, where she encounters ghost after ghost before appearing at her own funeral inside a casket. So naturally, the company behind her casket is taking full advantage of its 15 minutes in what can only be called a stroke of marketing genius.

A few days after the video's premiere and a viral fan tweet about the copper coffin, Titan Casket issued a press release about the cameo in order to plug its business, which is billed as "the fastest-growing direct-to-consumer casket company in the US."

"We're surprised and delighted to see our Orion Series in Taylor Swift's excellent 'Anti-Hero' video," Titan's official Twitter account also went on to write, before explaining in its PSA-style post that its "mission is to help families save" money by selling coffins at a more affordable price than what's usually charged by a funeral home.

"[We want to] educate that funeral homes are federally mandated to accept outside caskets, per the 'Funeral Rule,'" the Massachusetts-based company added. "More awareness = better outcomes."

At the same time, Titan co-founder Josh Siegel spoke to Boston.com about the big moment, saying an employee recognized the casket and they later confirmed with the production company that it was purchased earlier this year for "an unidentified music video."

“She’s one of the top ten famous people on the planet climbing out of our casket, so nothing comes close to this scale," as Siegel said. And in order to capitalize on this? The company decided to offer fans a $50.13 discount on all its coffins if you use the code "SWIFTIE."

Swift has yet to comment on Titan's new PR push. In the meantime though, you can watch the "Anti-Hero" music video below.

Photos via Shutterstock / Brian Friedman & New Africa