If you're done with Facebook, over Twitter, tired of Instagram, and hankering to make a multi-millionaire celebrity more money, then Taylor Swift has the answer for you: The Swift Life. Look what you made Tumblr's number one stan do, y'all — start her own social networking site.

Ironically, from the makers of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (seriously, Glu Mobile), comes a one-stop shop for all Taylor-connection. Swifties can rejoice over having a direct-ish line to the star, reading her innermost thoughts and seeing what she's "liked." The free app launched on Friday, with Swift posting the picture on Instagram with her beloved cat to celebrate.

She's also introduced "Taymojis," which sounds very familiar. Here's a little look:

"I don't trust nobody and nobody trusts me" and "go on" are the messages behind the digital reproductions of Swift. Ideal for everyday use. "SwiftSends," a rare Taymoji, can also be employed on posts for fans so Swift will notice them. Mark Zuckerberg watch your back!

Sign up to The Swift Life now and get Swifting (?).

Image via Youtube

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