Tati Westbrook Finally Reveals Her 'Mysterious' Beauty Tool

Tati Westbrook Finally Reveals Her 'Mysterious' Beauty Tool

Months after launching her eponymous beauty label, Tati Westbrook announces the launch of her latest venture. Blendiful is a new makeup tool that promises to be a step up from a traditional makeup brush or blender, offering a seamless blending and application experience.

"This one is like a game-changer. This one is going to be the thing that is so different, changes it all, and really helps everybody's beauty routine," she told Entertainment Tonight in December.

The multi-use product that's designed to resemble a velour puff, comes in two different sizes: standard and travel, with the latter being more suitable for touch-ups.

In a YouTube video introducing Blendiful, Westbrook explains that the product can be used for almost anything from highlighter or concealer to setting powder, adding that she did her entire face using the tool.

Tati Blendifuls are priced at $18. Both sizes come in a single package and are available to shop here.

Photo via Tati Westbrook/Instagram