Reminiscing on the Met Gala With Talia Ryder and Calvin Klein

Reminiscing on the Met Gala With Talia Ryder and Calvin Klein

Story by Paper Magazine / Photography by Flynn Kochey
May 09, 2024

The 2024 Met Gala is slowly into the past, but we're still talking about it. And this year, Calvin Klein invited actor Talia Ryder for the Met Gala in a custom gown handcrafted by the Calvin Klein Atelier in New York City.

Since the brand is known for its bold minimalism, Ryder's gown was understated yet beautiful, like a blooming flower, since the theme was "Garden of Time." It was crafted from vibrant blue silk faille, which was voluminously draped over a fitted corset and, of course, featured a long train, and topped off with custom Calvin Klein jewelry and heels.

While Ryder finally caught some downtime after all the fabulous chaos, PAPER chatted with the actor about how she interpreted the theme, the importance of being comfortable and how she ended her night.

Tell me about your first met gala experience! What feels different going in to it this time?

It's nice to know what to expect. After that initial carpet, there's no inside photography so you can really have a good time and relax. I also knew this time how long it takes to get there even if you're only traveling a short distance, the traffic is insane.

What was going on in your head while you were getting ready?

I was thinking about scenes for something I'm writing.

How did you interpret this year’s theme in collaboration with Calvin Klein?

"Garden of Time" is a really interesting theme, especially this year, because it highlights the fragility and beauty of the passing moment, and the exhibit features pieces so fragile that some can't even stand upright. My dress is so simple yet such a statement. In a way, timeless. It’s breathtaking as well as eye catching — from the brilliant color to the flow of dress as I moved, but also a piece that could look back or forward in time and see it being worn effortlessly and fashionably. It also reminded me of a flower that was ready to bloom, which is such a beautiful, fleeting moment, like the Met Gala itself.

What was the creative process with their team like?

The team at CK is so fun and collaborative. I loved working with them. I felt like they celebrated and elevated my personal style in making the dress. They wanted to make something extravagantly elegant like the pieces in the exhibit, but also really wanted me to be able to move and be comfortable in the dress. It's a really beautifully built dress — the weight of all the fabric is held up by a corset that they fit to me on the inside. And it really was comfortable.

How was your night? Did you have a favorite moment?

It was really special night. The Met is somewhat in my neighborhood, so my family came to hang while I was getting ready. They sent me off. I was seated at a really fun table at the event, as well: the Vogue table. I made some new friends and got to hang with old friends. And I ended the night in slippers, which means it was a success. Also getting to see Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo sing together is not something you get to see every day. Goes without saying, but they were amazing.

Photography: Flynn Kochey