Need to Cry? Call SZA's New Hotline

Need to Cry? Call SZA's New Hotline

It's no secret that things have been pretty hard lately, but if you're one of the many people struggling with their mental health, know that SZA's got your back.

Earlier this week, the star launched a new hotline for fans in need of some support and a good cry — and honestly, it's just what we needed.

"Uhhh random I made a hotline to cry n laugh n talk w chall 2 days outta the week," SZA wrote on Instagram, alongside an '80s-style infomercial video for the service soundtracked by her song "Good Days."

"Put some custom meditations on there too + other resources," she continued. "LOVE YOU."

Granted, it seems as if a lot of people are in need of her help, as SZA returned to Twitter on Wednesday evening to explain that the hotline's already been overwhelmed with calls.

"Okay sooo we're over 60'000 + calls in and increasing / crashing lol !" SZA said, mentioning that she was also working on a few updates, like extending the mediation audio feature. Not only that, but she also went on to tell superfans that she'd be joining the hotline to talk to them herself very soon.

"I'll see u back on Friday when its time to talk to MEEEEEE!!," she continued before adding, "I love you sleep well."

See SZA's announcements below and give the hotline a ring at 888-808-0CRY.

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