Drop Everything, Frank Ocean Is Covering SZA

Drop Everything, Frank Ocean Is Covering SZA

This just in: we live under the reign of a benevolent god. We now have proof of this, because Frank Ocean teased a snippet of a cover of SZA's CTRL hit "The Weekend." It's as divinely smooth, sultry and aching as you'd imagine.

We've known the pair are friends time together since Frank Ocean finally opened up his Instagram public for thirsty fans, to reveal some cute shots of them hanging out.

But Frank's take on "The Weekend" will mark their first official collaboration. Ocean is picky with covers and collaborators, working with Amber Coffman, James Blake, Jamie XX and Andre 3000 on Blonde. He recently covered Breakfast At Tiffany's classic "Moon River," and in 2015's Endless included a long-awaited, previously-teased cover of "At Your Best (You Are Love)," made popular by Aaliyah in the 90's and originally by the Isley Brothers. Clearly, he only works with the best, which obviously includes SZA.

We can't wait to hear the full cover. And maybe, dare we hope, an original song by the duo sometime soon?

Photo via Instagram