SZA Fans Can't Stop Making Pop Punk Memes

SZA Fans Can't Stop Making Pop Punk Memes

SZA is here for the RAWRing 20s, and her fans are too.

As you've probably heard by now, the "Love Galore" singer just dropped her highly anticipated sophomore album, SOS, to much excitement and critical acclaim. Not to mention plenty of memes.

If you hop on Twitter and search for posts about her genre-spanning track "F2F," a quick scroll will reveal an absolute goldmine of memes praising the pop punk gem, which wouldn't sound out of place in a Hot Topic or something like When We Were Young Festival. Because while Lizzo may have killed it as one of the songwriters on the song — which takes on the very emo topic of trying to mask the pain of a broken heart by fooling around with other guys — many joked abut Avril Lavigne and Paramore also helping out with the track.

"F2F being rock???," as a fan wrote. "sza really the supreme like if you told me i was getting a rock track on here i’d laugh in your face. like YES SZAMORE."

Meanwhile, others thought they heard Avril in the mix, with one person uploading the music video for "Complicated" and speculating that "SZA showed this to her producer and said 'i want some of that.'" Elsewhere, another posted a clip from an interview where the "sk8r boi" singer talks about being "a rock chick" who likes to "throw shit around," "scream" and "break things."

That said, the majority of folks for the most part just posted pics of scene and emo kids alongside captions like "currently listening to F2F" and "me listening to F2F," all of which are super accurate as well. So while we wait for that inevitable Hayley Williams cover or Willow remix, get into the sad girl spirit yourself by checking out some of the "F2F" memes below.

Photo via Getty / Anna Webber