Which Spider-Man Had to Wear a Fake Ass in Their Suit?

Which Spider-Man Had to Wear a Fake Ass in Their Suit?

Sharing yet another interesting bit of movie trivia to fill those awkward silences, Tom Holland revealed that one of the former Spider-Men had to wear a prosthetic ass while reprising their role in the latest interdimensional installment of the franchise.

In a very rare spoiler from the actor, Holland let the behind-the-scenes gluteal detail slip in an interview with Seth Meyers on Late Night, “I’m not going to tell you who, but one of us has a fake ass in their suit." Coy as ever, Holland didn't give any hints as to whether or not it was Andrew Garfield of Tobey Maguire that had the extra padding, adding “You can figure out that for yourselves. I remember being on set and being like ‘Wow! Oh, hang on a minute, now that’s not real.'”

Given all of the attention that has been placed on Holland and his co-star Zendaya after the two started dating during the filming of Spider-Man: No Way Home, this new tidbit about the series probably comes as a welcome distraction. Plus, as Meyers points out, it's also a good way to bait people into buying tickets to see the movie once again if only to scope out which actor is the posterior imposter.

Holland went on to talk about what it meant to work alongside Garfield and Maguire for this latest film, “You know, playing Spider-Man, while being a wonderful experience and completely life-changing, it can also be incredibly alienating. When you’re 19 and someone gives you this opportunity and your life changes, it’s quite hard to figure out how to navigate. So to almost have, like, two older brothers who had been through it before me and to be able to share that experience with them was amazing.”

And while we could spend hours speculating about which Spider-Man Holland was referring to, the internet seems like it has its mind pretty much made up. (And who are we kidding, we all know Garfield has that Spider-Cake.)

Photo via Getty/ Columbia Pictures