Did Sky Ferreira's Mom Just Announce Her New Album?

Did Sky Ferreira's Mom Just Announce Her New Album?

Just when you thought there was nothing left for the Sky Ferreira Updates account to Tweet about, yet another sign that the reclusive indie pop siren's mythical sophomore album is right around the corner emerges.

According to an Instagram Story posted by Ferreira's own mother, the singer's long-awaited body of work is set to come out some time in March. And while we would have no reason to doubt momma Ferreira about her daughter's album rollout, the news does appear to be corroborated by the singer's own post last fall confirming that a release date for new music had been set, hinting that "it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb" further backing up the March claim as well.

As any Sky Ferreira fan is painfully aware, it's been almost nine years since the artist dropped her debut album Night Time, My Time and, apart from a couple of features and 2019's "Downhill Lullaby," we haven't heard much since. There have been longstanding rumors surrounding Ferreira's sophomore album which at one point was called Masochism and involved a companion film, but it's unclear as to what actually became of the project.

A self-described perfectionist, Ferreira is well aware that it's been awhile since she put out new music, but its also worth noting that the prolonged delay is not entirely her fault either. Ferreira has previously expressed her frustrations with her label which she said locked her out of her Soundcloud account, writing on Instagram "Why should I have to beg/ snake charm people into getting a login to my account that I created & ask for permission for music I either own or made by myself?"

On the bright side, Ferreira fans are nothing if not patient so waiting a couple more months for March to roll around should be a piece of cake.

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