Shygirl Drops Explicit Cut of 'Shlut' on OnlyFans

Shygirl Drops Explicit Cut of 'Shlut' on OnlyFans

Fresh off the release of her latest album, Nymph, London artist Shygirl is back with the fully uncensored visual for her track "Shlut," and where better to debut the music video than on OnlyFans.

Having previously announced that she was launching an OnlyFans that would provide subscribers with exclusive merch, footage, images, early access to shows, storytimes, ASMR and more, the new explicit cut of the visual marks the first time an artist has ever debuted a music video on the platform. Featuring extra scenes and uncensored footage, the expanded version of the Diana Kunst-directed music video Shygirl dropped last month sees the artist doubling down on her tasteful yet unapologetically sex-positive brand.

PAPER is never one to spoil the goods, but if Shygirl's album is any indication, this video is going to be absolutely decadent.

“OnlyFans is a space for me to get personal with true fans only! It’s a little experiment to see what I’m inspired to create when I know I have your full attention. It’s somewhere where I can give better context to my work, the motivations behind it, and a more in-depth look at the things that inspire me,” Shygirl said. “I want to be able to create and share my imagery in all aspects, and this platform allows me full visual freedom without censorship. On OnlyFans you will know me best.”

Shygirl is one of many musicians using the platform to connect with fans in new ways. Cardi B previously launched an OnlyFans following the "WAP" wave which gave fans a stripped-back look at her life. If you want something of the more explicit variety, Tokischa's highly popular OnlyFans has it all. Point is, it's not just for NSFW stuff, but many artists are taking advantage of the platform's freedom.

Check out the censored version of "Shlut" below and head over to Shygirl's OnlyFans to see the full explicit cut.

Photography courtesy of Shygirl