Sevdaliza Finds Her Inner Superhero With New Ray-Ban Collab

Sevdaliza Finds Her Inner Superhero With New Ray-Ban Collab

After previously teaming up with trailblazing musicians like Arca and Honey Dijon, Ray-Ban Studios' is partnering with Iranian-Dutch singer Sevdaliza, who gave one of the brand's archive styles her unique touch.

Sevdaliza, who's previously done projects with fashion brands like Marine Serre and Ninamounah, redesigned Ray-Ban's Julie-Dahlia sunglasses, a pared-back metal style with see-through orange shades. According to her, the concept was all about find your inner superhero.

She also directed, starred and composed the accompanying campaign film, which features her song "Loves Way." ("This one was super challenging as a new mommy," she wrote on Instagram.) The video showcases Sevdaliza's mastery of audiovisuals which are an extension of her creative disciplines.

Below, she shares more details about her collab, which is available now at

Luna @ Ray Ban 2022 campaign w/ Sevdaliza

What was the collaborative experience like with Ray-Ban?

I believe the first conversations started way over a year ago about potentially working together. It was so inspiring to have an immense brand like Ray-Ban understanding your artistry. But immediately I went into a practical mindstate to make sure I could create something unique and everlasting. The process was intense, because the pandemic made many levels of communication harder than normal. And self-directing the ad while I just had my firstborn was a whole new level of challenging haha. I was very glad I had the help of my directing partner Ana Konovalova.

What is the inspiration behind the glasses and what is your favorite classic Ray-Ban frame?

Everything about these glasses is inspired on the concept of a superhero. The solid but firm shape of the frame and the orange lenses which will give you a subtle look. Everything is made from a female perspective but is perfectly fit to be worn by men. My all-time favourite is the retro Ray-Ban aviator frame. I have one at home from my father. No branding, and with the circle on top of the nose temple. In even heard this was originally a cigarette holder for air pilots. I love everything about this frame.

As a singer, songwriter, visual artist, and director, creativity is something that permeates every part of your life. When did you first get into the arts? Was it something that you’ve always felt drawn to?

Haha everyone that knows me, will know that I always knew I was going to be an artist. But it took me time to find out how. Until 7 years ago I still had a regular job, that had nothing to do with music at all. On one day I just decided to go for it without any form of experience or education.

What does the Julie-Dahlia represent to you?

A girl fought for her place in the music and art world. And she’s now making glasses with the most iconic brand in the history of glasses. She’s the new superhero.

As an Iranian-Dutch artist with a background in professional basketball, how do your identities come together in your sound? What inspires you?

I’m self-taught in many forms. I always said that the only way for me approach my music career is to do this as a professional athlete. I need to work and practice every day to get to new levels. This mentality is what inspires me together with the deep Persian poetic heritage that I have in me.

Your latest EP, Raving Dahlia, has already accumulated millions of streams; what were some of your strongest influences while writing it?

People who follow my career can definitely tell that I’m in a brighter, healthier place at the moment. My starting point when writing music was always pain and trauma. Now I travel the world, have a beautiful family so my music is changing with me. I love this process.

And finally, what can we look forward to from you next

I have taken 2 years to heal, enjoy and create life. I really look forward to share this energy with my fans and rest of the world.

Photos courtesy of Ray-Ban