Sevdaliza and Juliet Merie Front Marine Serre’s Apocalyptic Film

Sevdaliza and Juliet Merie Front Marine Serre’s Apocalyptic Film

by Dylan Kelly

Marine Serre's collections are known to indulge in the apocalyptic — last season's presentation tackled the world-ending threats of climate change and ominous motifs have consistently featured in the label's wares since its Paris runway debut in 2018.

This season, the designer is delving deep into her passion for science fiction — through the lens of today's unprecedented circumstances — with a dystopian short film directed by Sacha Barbin and Ryan Doubiago, titled "AMOR FATI."

The storyline follows two characters, played by Iranian-Dutch vocalist Sevdaliza and multi-hyphenate artist Juliet Merie, who shape-shift between three distinct settings — a futuristic, white surgical room, a glowing, barren desert and an eerily dark water cave — in pursuit of both protection and connection.

Within each fantasy realm, Serre's signature crescent moon print evolves to match its backdrop. Utilitarian garments constructed from recycled moiré meet exaggerated textures — laser engraved denim, dramatic latex and military-esque harnesses — in a fusion of elevated tailoring and otherworldly silhouettes.

Serre, who financed the project with her Andam Award fund, described the film as: "A cycle of timeless events and encounters are performed by mystic characters immersing the viewer into their world. With the aid of token items, two cryptic individuals navigate between parallel existences, living an astral projection, guided by each other's truths."

The starkly contrasting landscapes guide the collection through a well-rounded color wheel: gray and jet-black hues dominate the opening laboratory shots, punches of fiery red illuminate the desert backdrop, and a sharp sapphire and cobalt blue enhance the underground water world's alien-like iterations.

As for footwear, Marine Serre called on Jimmy Choo for a collaborative collection of contemporary heels with ultramodern details — each of which made the entire film that much more extraterrestrial. Watch Marine Serre's Spring 2021 film "AMOR FATI," below.

Photos courtesy of Marine Serre