Selena Gomez Breaks Silence on Hailey Bieber's Tell-All Interview

Selena Gomez Breaks Silence on Hailey Bieber's Tell-All Interview

Selena Gomez is clearly upset with her fans' treatment of Hailey Bieber.

On Thursday, September 29, the "Let Somebody Go" singer took to TikTok Live to address Hailey's recent Call Her Daddy interview, in which the model talked about the online hate she still receives from Selenators accusing her of "stealing" Justin Bieber.

"It's not fair because no one should ever be spoken to in the manner that I've seen," Selena said of the reaction to the podcast episode, before calling out the people who've apparently been saying all kinds of "vile and disgusting" things about Hailey and her husband.

"If you support Rare, I cannot thank you enough, but know that you are also representing what it means," the Only Murders in the Building star said, referring to her Rare Beauty brand and accompanying Rare Impact Fund.

"And that is: Words matter. Truly matter," the mental health advocate continued, noting how "ironic" it is that some of these trolls support these kindness-focused endeavors. "I hope that you understand that this is much bigger than anything else."

For some context, Selena and Justin dated on-and-off for eight years until finally calling in quits in 2018. But ever since the "Peaches" artist got engaged to Hailey a few months later, the Rhode founder has been subject to an onslaught of abusive comments from Selena fans, which she discussed withCall Her Daddy host, Alex Cooper, on Thursday, September 28.

"A lot of the hate, and the perpetuation, comes from the misperception, 'Oh, you stole him,'" Hailey explained. "It comes from the fact that they wished he had ended up with someone else and that's fine. You can wish that all you want but that's just not the case."

But even though Selena tends to shy away from talking about the Biebers, Hailey also went on to say that things between them are fine, adding that there are "no expectations" on her end.

"If that was something she felt was necessary, that would be amazing," she said. "But I just respect her. There's no drama, personally."

Hailey has yet to respond to Selena's video. In the meantime though, you can watch the TikTok Live for yourself below.

Photos via Getty / Pascal Le Segretain & Frazer Harrison