Selena Gomez Calls for a Ceasefire on Hailey Bieber Hate

Selena Gomez Calls for a Ceasefire on Hailey Bieber Hate

by Peyton Gatewood

Early this morning on Instagram, Selena Gomez called for a ceasefire on the Hailey Bieber hate.

Since February, social media has been clogged with everyone and their mother weighing in on Selena vs. Hailey, a years-long feud that most recently reignited over what fans perceived as a Baldwin diss on Gomez’s sparse eyebrows, or what fans call “eyebrow gate.”

"Hailey Bieber reached out to me and let me know that she has been receiving death threats and such hateful negativity,” wrote Gomez on her Instagram story. A longtime advocate for mental health awareness and killing it with kindness, the “Who Says” singer went on to say that she does not condone nor support hateful rhetoric, especially not towards other women. “This isn't what I stand for. No one should have to experience hate or bullying."

Not long ago, Bieber was well on her way to becoming a modern it-girl, hanging out with the KarJenners and popularizing trends like glazed nails and “the clean girl aesthetic.” The ballet dancer-turned-model’s image in the court of public opinion has taken a sharp 180. Now, she’s been trending as this month's most-bashed woman for (in the eyes of Twitter) stealing Justin Bieber from Selena and being a “mean girl” to Selena in the aftermath.

“Regardless of whose side you’re on, this has gone unbelievably too far. This randomly perpetuated drama seems like a scene ripped out of Mean Girls,“ wrote one Twitter user. "No one is obsessed with the other. It’s the fans that are."

Many are unconvinced that Gomez’s call for civility will be heard. On the one hand, some fans feel entitled to fight fire with fire: “[Hailey] should have thought about that before becoming a bully.”

On the other hand, Selena, where were you? Bieber has been scrutinized and bashed since the beginning of her relationship with Justin, which has only gotten worse since eyebrow gate. After all, as one fan points out, the scandal started up again when Selena commented on a TikTok of Hailey voicing distaste for Taylor Swift on Drop the Mic.

In the midst of all the chatter, fans notice one key figure has been usually silent. Since the Bieber’s wed in 2019, Gomez has made at least four public statements defending Hailey from cruel headlines and ruthless fans. As for Justin… well, he hasn’t said much.

Photo via Getty/ Jon Kopaloff