Fans Think Justin Bieber Shaded Selena Gomez at His Birthday Party

Fans Think Justin Bieber Shaded Selena Gomez at His Birthday Party

Justin Bieber's birthday party is causing quite the stir on social media.

This past weekend, the "Peaches" singer celebrated his 29th birthday with a star-studded event, where he appeared to give his guests an interesting party favor that fans claim is a dig at Selena Gomez amid her alleged feud with his wife, Hailey Bieber.

In a photo from the event, music video director Alfredo Flores showed off a silver object with an engraving that read, "I’m so thankful I didn’t end up with what I thought I wanted," with the cryptic message leading many to accuse Justin of shading his on-and-off ex of eight years.

"this is so embarrassing lmaooooo justin petty as hell too," as a Twitter user wrote, before one Selenator went on to accuse Hailey of being the mastermind behind the so-called "shade."

"i jus know hailey is the reason why he did allathat [sic]," they wrote. "cuz i’m sure he don’t gaf."

Meanwhile, others said that the object made it seem like he was still into Selena and "'still living in the past,'" with others ripping into the couple's perceived "obsession with trying to bully & hurt selena."

However, there were also a number of folks who pointed out that it could merely be a reference to Justin's improved wellbeing after his past struggle with addiction, with some also noting that he previous credited Hailey and God with being the main reasons for his recovery.

"can’t believe people are interpreting this negatively. justin is saying he’s grateful for the life he has as is," read one fan tweet, prior to a second supporter adding that they were "pretty sure this has nothin to do with [Selena] but rather the troubled past with addiction and lack of good ppl around him."

Additionally, a source later confirmed to Page Six that the silver item was actually a gift that was given to Justin, prior to stating that it's not a reference to the alleged feud between his wife and ex, seeing as how the drama is “not what people want it to be around.”

The speculation comes on the heels of fans saying that Hailey and Selena have been shading each other online thanks to a few recent TikToks and comments that seem to contradict their public attempts at squashing the rumors, with Selena even returning to social media on Sunday to remind her fans to "be kinder online.". That said, there's never been much reprieve for Hailey, who became Selenator enemy number one after she married Justin in 2018, a mere six months after he called it quits for good with the "Lose You to Love Me Singer."

Justin and Hailey have yet to address the speculation.

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