The Queens of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 16 Storm The Met

The Queens of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 16 Storm The Met

By Andrew NguyenJan 05, 2024

To celebrate the season 16 premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race, the new cast of queens stormed The Metropolitan Museum of Art in looks inspired by its latest exhibit, "Women Dressing Women."

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 16 premieres on Friday at 8 AM ET on MTV, and the new cast includes Amanda Tori Meating (Los Angeles, CA), Dawn (Brooklyn, NY), Geneva Karr (Brownsville, TX), Hershii Liqcour-Jeté (Los Angeles, CA), Megami (Brooklyn, NY), Mhi’ya Iman Le’Paige (Miami, FL), Mirage (Las Vegas, NV), Morphine Love Dion (Miami, FL), Nymphia Wind (Taiwan/ New York, NY), Plane Jane (Boston, MA), Plasma (New York, NY), Q (Kansas City, MO), Sapphira Cristál (Philadelphia, PA) and Xunami Muse (New York, NY).

As part of their press tour, the queens visited The Met for "Women Dressing Women," The Costume Institute’s fall 2023 exhibition, now on view until March 3, 2024, co-curated by Mellissa Huber and Karen Van Godtsenhoven. There are 83 pieces on view from the museum's collection, representing the work of over 70 womenswear designers whose creative legacy has shaped fashion from the 20th century to today.

Below, see how the latest batch of Drag Race queens interpreted the exhibit's theme with extravagant looks of their own.

Xunami Muse

"I am wearing Norma Kamali, who is known for her "many ways" dresses, you know what I mean? Her stuff just really falls on the body. It's giving woman, right?"


"My look is based on Schiaparelli. I just love everything they design. It's so over the top in a way that is just very drag."


"I'm inspired by Comme des Garçons. Rei Kawakubo just uses a lot of playfulness and texture and silhouettes. I chose a random piece to go off of, and I put a little bit of my own flair — the vinyl, the cat suit, and the pearls. You know, my personal taste."


"My look is inspired by Betsey Johnson. I have always found her to be such a visionary, going against the grain using fabrics and textures and colors that you wouldn't always expect. But I didn't want to create something that was just a knockoff or an imitation or copy or anything like that so I went through a lot of her runway shows. I wanted to find something that would feel like Dawn, but with a Betsey Johnson flair. I found this color palette that I thought was very true to me and very true to her, and I was really inspired to go a little hog wild with it but still a blue alien elf lady."

Mirage Amuro

"My look was inspired by and Ann Demeulemeester and Ludovic de Saint Sernin with the feather. I added that on because it was gonna be a long day, and I don't want my nipples out for everybody in this beautiful museum!"

Nymphia Wind

"I chose Comme des Garçons, which is known for expanding body structure, volume and oversized-ness. Rei Kawakubo is a Japanese designer known for this really exaggerated body, and I was really into that. This look is one she did for a dance company, and she made a lot of lumps on the bodies. The dancers would move around creating these interesting shapes."

Morphine Love Dion

"This look is inspired by the one and only Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. And I just had to reference my girl Lady Gaga, like I had to. This whole book was created by Yoan Elieser. He's a Cuban drag queen and designer, and he designed and sewed it in one day. So I'm gagged. Thank you, Yoan, so much."

Sapphira Cristál

"This look is a sort of an amoeba jellyfish, inspired by Iris van Herpen. She is a beautiful lady designer — a woman dressing women. And this is the 'Women Dressing Women' exhibit."

Plane Jane

"My look is inspired by DKNY. In fact, it's a pretty direct reference. And Donna Karan is a fantastic woman designing for women, as you can see."

Amanda Tori Meating

"This look is a Vivienne Westwood inspired moment. We've got the traditional Westwoodian silhouette in the bodice, but I wanted to give like elegant Renaissance so I had this hand oil-painted situation on the bodice. Every single one of these beautiful naked ladies is me."

Geneva Karr

"My look is inspired by a dress I saw from Norma Kamali, and it had this ruching so I wanted to make gloves and a little purse to match — just something to make me feel myself."

Hershii LiqCour-Jete

"The designer I picked is Hanifa. I'm not a fashion girly by any means, but I like that she uses really bold colors in her collections so I wanted to find a mix between drag and what it is that she does."

Photos courtesy of Santiago Felipe/ Getty Images