Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro Confirm Engagement in 'BESO' Music Video

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro Confirm Engagement in 'BESO' Music Video

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro are collaborating for life. In the music video for “BESO,” a song off of their joint EP RR, the couple announced their engagement, because what better way to make it official than in an official video.

Capturing the peaceful, private moments of their relationship that seems larger than life, the video takes viewers along on the sold-out tours, studio sessions, shaving in the hot tub and many, many, many besos throughout the couple’s last four years together.

The montage music video ends with a tear-filled clip of Rosalía whispering “Oh my god,” flashing a diamond ring, valued at $183,000 according to Harpers Bazaar, on her left ring finger and leaning over to kiss Alejandro and declare “te amo.” The two confirmed their engagement, dropped RR and made us feel inescapably single all at once.

The love-filled EP celebrates love, promises and…vampires in three songs “BESO,” “VAMPIRO” and “PROMESA.” Sharing the album on Instagram, Rosalía and Rauw wrote in Spanish in a joint caption, “After more than 3 years together here are 3 songs made with all the love in the world. I hope you enjoy this little piece of us.”

The couple first made their relationship official in 2021 after privately dating in the years prior. The early privacy of their relationship has since given way to the constant stream of lip-locked selfies celebrated in the "BESO" music video, making up for years of no PDA.

With lyrics of "BESO" translating to "Being away from you is hell/being close to you is my peace," the two have a lifetime of peace ahead of them. You can watch the video below.

Photo courtesy of Manny Hernandez/WireImage/Getty Images