Watch TikTok Trainspotter Francis Bourgeois Meet Rosalía
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Watch TikTok Trainspotter Francis Bourgeois Meet Rosalía

Rosalía is jumping on the trainspotting TikToker Francis Bourgeois’ stan-wagon. Bourgeois, a wholesome content king, has been drumming up A-list support across the internet. With over two million followers, one of whom is Joe Jonas, Bourgeois has captured the hearts, and weirdly niche interests of many with his giddy train obsession.

In his latest video, Bourgeois heads to London’s Kings Cross station for a glimpse of the Class 91s, and finds more than expected, happening upon MOTOMAMI singer.

The Latin Grammy winner stands casually on the platform, in platform heels as Bourgeois pauses his regularly scheduled train-splaining, asking, “Hang on a minute, isn’t that Rosalía?”

In a bout of bravery from our beloved timid trainspotter, he decides “I’m gonna go say hello to her. I love her music.”

With polite tap on the shoulder he asks the obvious, “Excuse me, aren’t you Rosalía,” to which the singer turns her head (28-inch hair in tow) nodding an enthusiastic “Yeah,” because the mere fact of being Rosalía is something to be enthusiastic about.

Endearingly stumbling over his words, as anyone would in the presence of the Latin-pop princess, he asks “Well... what...what are you doing here?” to which Rosalía responds “What are you doing here?”

Simply put, Bourgeois explains that “I’m checking out the Class 91s” and the two turn to watch and wave as the 4,830 kW powerhouse leaves the station, leaving the star power to onlookers Rosalía and Bourgeois.

@francis.bourgeois I was hoping to see a class 91 at Kings Cross. Amazingly, I ended up seeing @La Rosalia too! #trains #trending #fyp ♬ original sound - Francis Bourgeois

Though we may never know what brought the duo together, we do know Rosalía has a penchant for high-speeds and unexpected crossovers. MOTOMAMI, released just a week ago, is a reinvention of the singer’s already experimental style. Rosalía continues to reinvent the wheel in music, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she had a secret passion for, well, wheels.

Whether the unexpected pair were brought together by chance, an expert publicist, or their mutual adoration of Class 91s, we hope the two are on track to friendship!

Photo via TikTok