You Can Dine Like a Kitty at Purina's Fancy Feast Restaurant

You Can Dine Like a Kitty at Purina's Fancy Feast Restaurant

by Payton Dunn

When we said we were feeling something fancy for dinner, this wasn’t what we meant...

Apparently Purina took it literally, announcing that they’d be launching a pop-up Italian restaurant under their Fancy Feast cat food brand in downtown Manhattan that aims to “mirror the sensory experience of cats at mealtime.” Yeah, we’re not stoked about it either.

Just to make sure we couldn’t forget about the branding that’s a little too cat-centric for comfort, they decided to call it “Gatto Bianco,” which is Italian for “white cat.” It’ll be open on August 11 and August 12 and is currently taking reservations for up to 16 people, just in case you decide to invite all your friends and extended family so they can look at you a bit... differently... from here on out.

If you’re lucky enough to dodge making it out for one of those dates, Purina is still making sure you try their curated list of delicacies, uploading the recipes to their site. Let’s just say they — look a little too close to real wet cat food.

It’s all a part of the marketing behind their latest line of cat food, “Medleys,” which is a collection of “exceptional recipes” that aims to “give [your cat] the world!” The new line is “globally-inspired” and “thoughtfully refreshed,” coming in a new calm green packaging. According to the website, “Every entrée comes together with a thoughtful combination of real protein, flavorful accents and a delicious sauce, to create one-of-a-kind mealtime experiences for your remarkable cat.”

They’re adamant on giving you that experience too. Maybe you’ll be chowing down on the “Salmone con Pomodorini & Vegetable Agrodolce.” Maybe you’ll be digging into the “Brasato di Manzo with Spinaci e Polenta.” For us, we’re just going to stay home, and that’s not a “maybe.” That's a definite.

Photo via Getty/ Keith Philpott