RIP to Klondike's Iconic Choco Taco

RIP to Klondike's Iconic Choco Taco

by Payton Dunn

The Choco Taco has melted away. Klondike’s famous ice cream treat, which had a crunchy sugar cone shell lined with chocolate, fudge-filled core and peanut topping, is being discontinued by the company amid an “unprecedented spike in demand” across all of their products over the last two years, forcing them to re-evaluate their portfolio and make some tough choices.

Naturally, Twitter did not take well to the news, with Choco Taco lovers mourning the loss of their favorite nostalgic offering.

The product will still be available in some stores as they run through the rest of their stock, with many users planning to buy them up in bulk as they hunker down for the choco-pocalypse.

Klondike had teamed up with Taco Bell just earlier this year in February to relaunch the product for a limited time at select locations in Los Angeles and Milwaukee to help celebrate Taco Bell’s 60th anniversary and Klondike’s 100th anniversary.

The history of the Choco Taco goes even further back, to 1983 in Philadelphia, where Alan Drazen, an ice cream truck driver, noticed that the company he worked for, Jack & Jill, didn’t have a signature product the way that Klondike or Drumstick did. He also noticed how rapidly Mexican food was taking over the palates of foodies all across the US, inspiring him to fuse the taco with ice cream into the now-beloved Choco Taco. The product was sold in ice cream trucks all across the US before the contract manufacturer Jack & Jill had been working with to distribute the Choco Taco was acquired by Unilever, moving the product from its ice cream trucks roots to convenience store freezers.

Now, the Choco Taco is leaving its convenience store freezers for the last time — the final chapter of its arduously long history. The product may be gone, but it’ll never be forgotten by the customers who eagerly bought them up from its 120,000 vendor locations at its height in 2016. Rest in peace, Choco Taco. We’ll miss you.