Private Policy Wants to Dress in Checkerboard This Summer

Private Policy Wants to Dress in Checkerboard This Summer

New York-based streetwear brand Private Policy has never shied away from challenging the status quo. Head designers Siying Qu and Haoran Li made a big splash during London Fashion Week with a collection that featured a police vest stuffed with $10k of shredded cash, turning menswear's current obsessions with utility aesthetics into a pointed critique of society. With a mission statement that encourages their customer to "Make your own rules," Private Policy is a subversive breath of fresh air in a sea of drip-driven mediocrity.

For their latest launch, Private Policy is getting back to basics with a new capsule that features the brand's signature take on a classic checkerboard pattern. A core part of the brand's DNA, the print has been featured in some form throughout all of their past collections and now is getting its moment with the new PIXEL line, out today. Operating from the concept that "each person is a unique pixel that forms the society," the capsule presents a variety of unisex pieces that can easily slot into any summer wardrobe.

Featuring shorts, shirts, a bikini top, and a cap that comes in three different colorways — including a limited edition rainbow pattern just in time for Pride — the PIXEL collection is now on sale at Private Policy's newly launched web store. Check out the lookbook, below.

Photography: Harvey Lee