Private Policy Launches Fundraiser to Benefit the Ali Forney Center

Private Policy Launches Fundraiser to Benefit the Ali Forney Center

An unfortunate reality of the pandemic is that some of the most vulnerable people are also the ones who have been hit the hardest, including homeless LGBTQ+ youth. As such, genderless streetwear brand Private Policy has teamed up with the Ali Forney Center to ensure that the shelter and safe haven can remain operational during these difficult times.

In collaboration with the center's #LoveAli campaign, the NYC-based CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund finalists are now selling an exclusive, U.S.-made shirt that retails at $80, with all the proceeds going toward the AFC.

"It is a way to send positive messages to all LGBTQ+ youth across the country, who really need a warm hug right now," Private Policy founders Siying Qu and Haoran Li said, explaining that they're currently working hand-in-hand with other AFC advocates like Billy Porter, Tan France, Chella Man and Bowen Yang to keep the AFC's doors open.

"We have been seeing messages from LGBTQ+ youth who are crying for help, heavily impacted and frightened by the pandemic. Some feel so helpless since they have no welcoming home to shelter in," they said, before adding, "We put our creativity and community platform to use and fundraise for the vulnerable youth as we help AFC through this tough time together."

Pre-order your shirt, here.

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