Pink Sauce Is Coming to Stores Soon
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Pink Sauce Is Coming to Stores Soon

by Justine Fisher

Pink Sauce is back and hopefully FDA-approved this time.

The controversial TikTok-famous condiment could be available in stores and restaurants as soon as this Christmas, according to Essence. The condiment’s creator, Veronica Shaw (better known as Chef Pii or Pink Sauce Lady), just signed a deal with Dave’s Gourmet to distribute her signature sauce.

In her partnership with the company that specializes in hot sauce and pasta sauce, Shaw will remain the face of the brand and earn royalties on sales. Because we all love a good comeback story, Shaw added that Dave’s Gourmet will help manufacture the foods properly this time, as she re-attempts to sell the sauce.

Dave Gourmet’s President, David Neuman, said to Baller Alert that while they intend to maintain Shaw’s custom color and flavor, changes will be made to the ingredients, making the sauce dairy-free with no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

The Pink Sauce first made a splash on TikTok in June. After numerous alluring videos, where Shaw smothered different foods in the custom condiment, went viral, backlash followed. People noticed different shades of pink in each TikTok, leading them to question the sauce and its ingredients.


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Though Chef Pii eventually shared that Pink Sauce is made of dragon fruit, chili, sunflower seed oil, honey and garlic, she went on to confuse viewers with what it actually tasted like. She said, “It drove people’s curiosity because I wasn’t able to explain the taste. It’s sweet, tangy, a little spicy.”

Then, the biggest controversies came with her packaging and other health concerns. When Shaw released the nutritional facts on the Pink Sauce website, people criticized her arbitrary use of the angel numbers, 444, as the number of servings. She also admitted she regrets her previous shipping choices, where she failed to use temperature-controlled packaging.

Though she seems to be learning from her mistakes now, her attitude was different back in July. Responding to backlash about having too few preservatives to be considered safe by the FDA, she claimed she didn’t need FDA approval. Needless to say, the chef offered little confidence to people considering the condiment at that time.

Though FDA approval is still pending for the latest rendition of Pink Sauce, we’re rooting for its revival.

Photo courtesy of Pink Sauce


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