TikTok Is Obsessed With This Mysterious Pink Sauce

TikTok Is Obsessed With This Mysterious Pink Sauce

TikTok has a new favorite condiment and its pink in color.

Brainchild of TikTok creator Chef Pii, the mysterious pink sauce has quickly captivated the internet with its mix of unnatural color and ambiguous flavor. The chef first started promoting the sauce back in June, showing off the packing and testing out sauce with various different foods, all the while remaining intentionally vague about what it actually tastes like. Naturally, people's interests were piqued and questions about the sauce's flavor and what it actually consisted of began dominating the conversation.

Many started to notice that the sauce's color appeared to vary from video to video, ranging from a bright hot pink to a softer pastel shade. Chef Pii later went on to chalk that up to changes in lighting and shared a graphic that listed the sauce's ingredients as dragon fruit, chili, sunflower seed oil, honey and garlic. Other TikTok creators then started to poke holes in the nutritional label listed on the Pink Sauce website from claiming there were 444 servings per bottle to the fact that "there are not enough preservatives" to make it shelf stable, which by United States Food and Drug Administration standards needs to be able to last for a year in a pantry without being cooked or refrigerated.

Per FDA guidelines, dressing and condiment manufactures are required to register as a food facility and follow labeling, testing methodology, manufacturing practices and scientific protocols. Guidelines for nutritional labels on food and drink were also recently updated this past April by the FDA, requiring serving size to be listed in a bigger and bolder font and "better reflect the amount people typically eat and drink today."

Chef Pii would later go on to address the mounting controversy over the sauce with a post promising that "WE ARE FIXING THE ISSUES." She went on to apologize for the label errors, saying "I'm only human," and claim that they were working on correcting them on all future bottles. Chef Pii stressed that the pink sauce was still in "lab testing" and assured customers that they "are following FDA standard."