Brooklyn’s Paragon Launches Live DJ Channel

Brooklyn’s Paragon Launches Live DJ Channel

By Ivan GuzmanJun 11, 2024

If you’ve been to Paragon, you understand the appeal. When you walk onto the dancefloor, it’s like walking into a luxurious compound off the M train, with a staircase that divides on each side leading up to the illustrious upper level. At the helm is the DJ booth, which serves as the all-powerful frontier. For ravers and curious revelers alike, Paragon is an oasis.

Now, that energy can be felt right from home as the venue has just launched Live at Paragon, a new YouTube series that documents the DJs who play within the hallowed space. “This is our attempt to archive the explosive energy, sounds, people, and fashion of 2024 NYC,” says Paragon owner John Barclay. “This is one of the most frenetic intersections within one of the most volatile cities during a critical moment in history. NYC dance culture is once again flourishing and evolving, and it seems worth documenting.”

So far, the video series has aired sets from DJs including Mike Servito, Madness Of, and Boy Harsher. Upcoming sets include PAPER favorite LSDXOXO, as well as Paragon resident DJs Tygapaw and Byrell the Great. With the series, the venue hopes to cement their own special identity apart from other live set streamers like Boiler Room, Hor, and The Lot Radio, which are more of a film shoot and less of a candid, in-the-moment capturing of the night.

“Initially, we started recording sets with a little security camera pointed above the DJ,” says Paragon operator Stephen Casciano. “We then realized we could do something different than everyone else: document a real New York City club/rave experience week in, week out that shows our eclectic, and kind of freaky, crowd and interior.”

Look out for upcoming Live at Paragon streams in the next few months.

Photography: Courtesy of Paragon