This Show is Putting Streetwear to the Test

This Show is Putting Streetwear to the Test

It's Top Gear meets streetwear meets Project Runway meets a little bit of Queer Eye, mainly because of all the sweet bromances.

PAQ has four Brit bros Danny, Dex, Elias, and Shaq testing out the latest digs and trends in streetwear, and doing all sorts of challenges (usually against each other)—from taking dad sneakers for a walk and testing Supreme outerwear in the wild, to doing a streetwear scavenger in New York and dressing in "womenswear" and making it work.

The YouTube series is a fun watch for streetwear enthusiasts looking for a bit of style inspiration, and for clueless consumers looking for some guidance. It's still a long way from being mainstreamed internationally, with only over 177K subscribers to its mother channel Kyra TV. But the show's caught the attention of major brands like Adidas, Converse, and has a project in the works with Highsnobiety. Also, we're really into it.

Take our word for it, and check out the first episode below.

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