PAPER Mix: Mz Worthy

PAPER Mix: Mz Worthy

After having spent almost two decades holding down dancefloors around the world ranging from small sweaty basements to major festivals, Mz Worthy is ready to reintroduce herself.

One of the founding members of San Francisco-born label Dirtybird, the producer/ DJ is by no means a new name in the world of house music, but it wasn't until recently that she had come terms with her repressed gender dysphoria. Coming out publicly as transgender via social media in 2020 and beginning her transition under the cover of the pandemic, the artist formerly known as just Worthy is signifying this new era with a new name, attaching "Mz" to the front as "a symbol of me finding my femininity and of me loving and giving myself this gift.”

And while it may seem like a minor tweak, a name change can hold a lot of weight especially within the trans community. "For most of my life I have had this name Worthy, but I never felt like I was worthy. I am finally finding that self love and worthiness and I want everyone else to feel that too,” she explains.

Having fully embraced her newfound identity, Mz Worthy is marking her formal return with her latest single "Love & Give." Sticking true to her house roots, the single sees Mz Worthy carry forward the same themes of self-love and acceptance that she's learned to embody over the past few years into her own productions, pairing a soulful vocal sample with wide expansive bass and a warm bouncy beat.

“'Love & Give' is a message that I wanted to give to the world," Mz Worthy explains of the track. "That we all need to love ourselves and to give that gift to ourselves. So many times we look outside of ourselves for love when what we need to do is find that love from inside.”

For her PAPER Mix, Mz Worthy puts together over a half an hour of groovy tunes peppered with dashes of acid, elastic booty-shaking bass and euphoric piano house from Alex Arnout, Rude Attack, Mat.Joe and more. "In this mix, I aimed to capture the heady and groovy vibe I love to create in the club," the DJ says. "I want to take my audience on a journey, whether it’s through my sets or in my production."


Alex Arnout - "I Don't Need U"
Andreas Henneberg - "Feilsikker"
Andrea Oliva - "Alley Rave"
Rude Attack - "Blocks"
Mz Worthy - "Love and Give"
Rafa Barrios - "Check"
Mat.Joe - "Breaker"

Photography: Joe Ramirez