PAPER Mix: Maya Jane Coles

PAPER Mix: Maya Jane Coles

British-Japanese DJ and producer, Maya Jane Coles, has been comfortably holding it down for the past decade. A fixture of the deep house scene, the artist has been universally adored for her effortlessly cool original productions which has been sampled by the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj as well been tapped to remix everyone from The xx to Florence + the Machine, Bonobo and even jazz great Ella Fitzgerald. Coles blends together elements of trip-hop and dub into a moody gothic take on house thats as warm and laidback as it dark and slightly sinister.

Returning with her sophomore album, Maya Jane Coles yet again plunges us deep in the murky world of nightlife with Night Creature. An album written in and for those nights that stretch on well into the early morning hours, where the line between exhaustion and euphoria begin to blur into one, Night Creature's hypnotic grooves and intimate vocals thrives on this particular type of delirium drawing listeners in with its trance-inducing web of rhythms and melodies.

Featuring vocal contributions from Claudia Kane, Lie Ning and Karin Park, Maya Jane Coles' latest work folds little elements of dubstep, breaks, jungle, drone and more into the album's blend of house and techno. Running the gamut between sweaty heart-pumping beats to dreamy pensive ambient yarns, the album is peppered with long, winding strings and expansive bass as Coles takes us down a late-night rabbit hole of impish club delights.

"When it comes to my music making, I've pretty much always been a creature of the night," Maya Jane Coles explains. "My creativity tends to work at its best during those peaceful hours when my surroundings are at a standstill and I feel completely in my own world. Then on the flip side, in the club, the night can shift into some of the most energetic and ecstatic moments in time."

For her PAPER Mix, Maya Jane Coles delivers a solid half-hour of moody breaks, hyphy house tunes, hypnotic techno, jersey club and more late-night euphoria-inducing beats. Featuring tracks, remixes and mashups by India Jordan, UNIIQU3, Planetary Assualt Systems, DJ Crips and a few of Maya Jane Coles' cuts, the mix serves as the perfect more uptempo companion to the Night Creature universe.


Maya Jane Coles — "Monday Mood"

DJ Crisps — "It's A Dark Day"

Evadney — "Anchor Me (India Jordan Remix)"

Maya Jane Coles Vs. M.F.S: Observatory — "Know About"

Planetary Assault Systems — "Shine"

YungKiiD ft. UNIIQU3 — "Trunk"

Rodriguez Jr. — "Etoile Du Nord"

Olerton VS. Literon VS. Yo Majesty — "Club Action / Trunk Sewer"

CAYAM — "Love.Connection"

Maya Jane Coles ft. Julia Stone — "Got Me (Got Me Faster VIP Dub)"

Photo Courtesy of Maya Jane Coles