Furries Talk About How the Coronavirus Has Affected Their Community

Furries Talk About How the Coronavirus Has Affected Their Community

Whether you like it or not, the coronavirus outbreak has affected everyone. From stockpiling to self-isolation, this weird time has impacted people and communities of all stripes — and you better believe that includes the furry community.

Earlier this week, YouTuber Nos Hyena uploaded a vlog about "How Coronavirus Affects All Furries" — a light-hearted look at how fursuiters in particular are grappling with the global crisis.

Delivered in a news broadcast format, Nos Hyena begins the video by shedding light on the fact that the best way to clean and disinfect your fursuit is to spray isopropyl alcohol on it (the more you know!).

The only problem? Well, according to him, there's none left thanks to stockpilers who've been trying to make their own hand sanitizer. Which means that we're going to be dealing with some "musky" furries, as Mr. Hyena himself put it — though he did (half-jokingly?) suggest Everclear as an alternative.

However, smelly fursuits aren't the only things that have affected the furries. As you likely know, it's a tight-knit community that loves its conventions and meet-ups, so with a large number of gatherings getting canceled or postponed, things have been tough — something that's also touched upon by correspondent Gideon the Deer later in the video.

And while they make it clear that Gideon's advice is not medically sanctioned (and mostly culled from alarmist Facebook mom groups), it's still a fun, upbeat video that we'd recommend you watch for a little perspective — whether you're a furry or not.

See for yourself, below.

Photo via YouTube / NosHyena