Jenny Holzer Reminds You to Wash Your Thumbs Too

Jenny Holzer Reminds You to Wash Your Thumbs Too

by Fred Sahai

NYC has been one of the hardest-hit cities by coronavirus. To help spread hope, 12 artists including Jenny Holzer, Pedro Reyes, Melchin and Christine Sun Kim have taken part in a new project, called "Messages for the City," where they each designed a poster to appear across 1,774 digital billboards in the city.

The series, which will also appear in Chicago and Boston, considered those who might not be able to walk around and spot any billboards, so the posters will be on view at senior centers, health clinics and food pantries.

Holzer's contribution to the project reminds New Yorkers to take personal precautions to protect essential workers, with messages like "Wash Your Thumbs Too" and "Protect Nurses Doctors Yourself." Reyes' now sold out "We Will Kiss Again" poster was also available for purchase as a limited-edition print benefiting The New York Immigration Coalition.

"Messages for the City" is a collaboration between Times Square Arts, Poster House, Print magazine and artist-activist organization For Freedoms. The project's first installment was revealed back in April, garnering the participation of 24 artists across the globe. This new installment sees artists honoring NYC's healthcare and essential workers, who have remained at the frontlines of the pandemic.

According to Time Square Arts, while emblematic public spaces such as Time Square have emptied, the works are a reminder that "the streets of New York City are not in fact empty," adding that "hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers head to work each day to sustain our city, from healthcare professionals, city workers, sanitation staff, grocery store and bodega employees, delivery people and more."

Learn more about the "Messages for the City," here.

Photo via Instagram/ courtesy of Jenny Holzer