Nicki Minaj Drops 'Chun-Li' Music Video

Nicki Minaj Drops 'Chun-Li' Music Video

The comeback of Queen Nicki is real, and we're loving everything about the new "Chun-Li" music video that dropped yesterday.

It's a selfie kind of situation, with Nicki in control of the camera. She has a studded black leather and fishnet outfit on, with the Chun-Li chopsticks in her beehive hair, as she lounges on a couch in a room with neon Barbie pink lighting. Snapchat-style she flaunts all her best angles, and flexes all of her bootylicious features, thirst-trapping all who watch.

Leave it to Nicki Minaj to create a work of art with her phone's front camera.

Image via Instagram