Nick Cannon Acknowledges His Baby-Making Skills in Christmas Video

Nick Cannon Acknowledges His Baby-Making Skills in Christmas Video

Nick Cannon does not miss, literally.

The beloved television show host/comedian/rapper has become the subject of countless memes, think pieces and more due to his favorite hobby: making copious amounts of babies. Don't believe me? There is a convenient chart on his Wikipedia page outlining his spawn, as well as the six women he has procreated with. As of writing this, he has ten children, another one due this month and one that tragically passed away from brain cancer last year.

We have to give the man credit. He did announce his celibacy journey last year and stuck to it for a month and a half. He announced that he was expecting another child only a few months later.

With ten kids and another one arriving very soon, the holidays must be hectic for Mr. Cannon. He acknowledged this in a comical YouTube video. "It's almost the holidays, and thanks to me, the world now has eight billion people," he says with a smile. "Based off the baby-mama-to-kid ratio, we got a whole hell of a lot of gifts to buy."

I do not doubt that.

The hilarious video features a lot of self-aware jabs at Cannon's potency. He even plays the classic holiday game, "Book in the Bible or New Kid Name?" He also has to explain that he cannot buy all the Los Angeles Lakers, but he can probably finesse a single Laker.

Cannon also has some real world problems just like ours. For example, he also has no clue how to get his hands on 12 PlayStation 5s, but he offers up the tempting "PlayStation 2 1/2" as a compromise.

And even our favorite Wild N' Out host is also tired of handmade gifts and socks. He holds up framed drawings his children made him and asks the age old question: "What am I supposed to do with this?"

Turns out this video was a fake advertisement for the should-be-real Baby Daddy Card, which offers "3X Baby Mama Reward Points." We hope this becomes real somehow.

Below, watch the hilarious video and ring in the expensive holiday season with Nick Cannon.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Mason/BFA