Watch Neil Shibata Read You a Gentle Bedtime Story

Watch Neil Shibata Read You a Gentle Bedtime Story

by Isiah MagsinoSep 17, 2021

This article is a sponsored collaboration between Gentle Monster and PAPER

While Gentle Monster's signature fashion-forward sunglasses continue to remain high in the ranks of the eyewear world, the brand is proving that it's more than just sleek frames. Teaming up with Dutch Photographer Ari Versluis, Gentle Monster challenges what identity is and what it looks like with its first-ever optical collection.

Called "Gentle _____," the new collection represents the overall message of the campaign: identity takes many different forms and is championed by fostering diversity and inclusivity. Versluis is well-versed in this arena, as his work has always explored the expressions of group identity, while also asking questions about individuality and conformity.

Glasses: Gentle Monster, Top: Baserange, Pants: Linder

The new Gentle Monster frames come in an array of styles, from clear club masters to tinted retro frames. For those looking to make a loud statement, the collection carries orange, square-framed spectacles. There are even some that add a new take on the classic aviator, making it feel more modern with curved lines. Whichever you choose matches best with your style, the 15 handcrafted styles retail from $249-$280.

To help portray the brand's take on identity, 12 different characters, who range from models, artists and influencers, exhibit each of the new frames in expressions that best represent their lifestyles. The white backdrop for the frames represents the endless possibilities of what identity can be.

Glasses: Gentle Monster, Dress: Kenzo, Top: Private Policy, Shoes: Pissy Pussy

PAPER and TikTok creator Neil Shibata also had their stake on what identity looks like through the lens of Gentle Monster. In an unsettling series of short films, Shibata dons a selection of chic opticals while reciting childhood hymns with a sinister twist. There are no sweet dreams in this nursery, complete with pale pink walls accented by a black cat clock, eerie dolls and chilling sounds.

Through Gentle Monster's first optical campaign collection, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Glasses: Gentle Monster, Clothing: Fendi

Direction: Zexi Qi
Cinematography: Jon Gourlay
Styling: Erika Golcher
Set design: Eric Vidmar
Hair: Gonn Kinoshita
Makeup: Dmitry Kukushkin
Production: Peter Schwab
Post production: Snakk Studio
Sound design: Zexi Qi and Matias Quarleri
Color: Chris Lam