What Is Nasty Cherry?

What Is Nasty Cherry?

Two champagne flutes balanced on a bare ass floating in a pool is a hell of a way to announce a band but it is exactly how Nasty Cherry chose to kick off 2019 and it certainly has our attention.

The mysterious girl group is already managing to make quite a splash (no pun intended) given that they have seemed to come out of nowhere in the past day. Looking like The Runaways if they all had their own mySpace pages, Nasty Cherry may not have released any music yet but they already have a co-sign from Charli XCX and that alone is enough to start turning heads.

Digging through tagged images and piecing together information from Instagram stories, what we can gather is that Nasty Cherry is some sort of band comprised of members Gabbriette, Kitten's Chloe Chaidez, Georgia Somary, and Deborah Knox-Hewson. The only other post on the bands official account introduces Gabbriette as the group's singer and head "bitch" only adding to the mystery and excitement.

As to what capacity Charli XCX is involved with the newly outfit has yet to be clarified but further digging turns up more photos of all five hanging out and even making a red carpet appearance at Spotify's Secret Genius Awards last year. But before we go leaping to conclusions it is worth noting that XCX also took to her socials today to announce that she plans to release an album in the coming year so she might already have her hands full. Clearly, only time will tell.

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