MTV's 'True Life' Reboot Will Spotlight Kardashian Lookalikes

MTV's 'True Life' Reboot Will Spotlight Kardashian Lookalikes

Here are two bits of news you didn't know you needed until right this moment (and maybe after reading this post, you'll wish you didn't know).

1) MTV is launching a reboot of its popular, and occasionally harrowing early-aughts docuseries, True Life. And 2) The first episode, premiering tonight at 10 PM, will be centered on one of America's favorite obsessions: the Kardashian family, and the measures some people take to look and act like them.

The new franchise is called True Life/Now, and its debut episode will be called, fittingly, "Obsessed with Being a Kardashian." According to TMZ, future episodes will "tackle obsessions with the perfect booty, looking like a Snapchat filter, and avenging revenge porn." Sounds about right!

While the Kardashian lookalike episode itself might be revelatory as a voyeuristic gaze into the lives of those willing to go to certain extremes, it is, perhaps sadly, not that shocking. We do live in a culture where white women appropriate the features of Black women for Instagram notoriety. Not to mention, the Kardashian empire is now worth untold billions, so America's ongoing fascination with the selfie generation's First Family means that, yes, there are people willing to embody their identity for... 15 minutes of fame? Sponsored content dollars? Personal value?

While we of course don't shame plastic surgery, because, hey, your body, your canvas, we'll reserve any and all judgment for you, the viewer.

See a clip of the new episode here.

Screenshot via MTV