MSCHF Releases Backwards-Facing Shoe
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MSCHF Releases Backwards-Facing Shoe

MSCHF is up to no good again. From the brand that brought us the Big Red Boots comes the newest equally (if not more) confounding footwear fad, the BWD Shoe.

Not quite a sneaker, not exactly a sandal and somewhat of a backwards mule, the “!!! Approved” BWD Shoe is as hard to look at as it is to look away from.

The open toed, lace-up MC Escher-esque shoe goes both ways. To the unsuspecting public, the BWD shoe may look like sneakers that have been put on backwards, with double-sided heels and the lip pulling away from the wearer. However, they are, in fact, multi-directional shoes for the everyday timeline-traveler.

Building out their uncanny, cartoonish version of reality, the Brooklyn-based art collective took its foot fascination (read: fetish) a step further, or back. We’re not sure which direction these shoes are for.

In the past, MSCHF has made “This Foot Does Not Exist,” an AI generated feet-pic platform, and the timeline-terrorizing Dora The Explorer inspired Big Red Boots. Much more than a sneaker brand, MSCHF’s collection is not purely foot-focused, branching out into online simulation games and cereal recently. They continue to uncover new ways to push culture forward, with a spirit of nostalgia and a child-like sense of humor.

The BWD will drop on April 11 at 2 p.m. EST for a one hour draw window. Only the quickest, and most clouted will get their feet on a pair. But fear not, you’ll likely be seeing them across your feed in no time. Retailing at $135, set your alarms for the resale of a lifetime and run don’t walk (if your shoes will allow it) to the MSCHF Sneakers App or

Photos courtesy of MSCHF