MSCHF's New Cereal Is Just One Big Fruit Loop

MSCHF's New Cereal Is Just One Big Fruit Loop

in what sounds like the sugar-addled fantasies of a fifth grader tasked with inventing a new breakfast dish, Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF's has returned to drop their new cereal that consists just one giant Fruit Loop.

The 87th drop from the art and streetwear agitators, "The Big Fruit Loop" sees MSCHF putting their own tongue-in-cheek spin on the classic cereal brand by rolling the entirety of the fruity ring-shaped cereal into one impossibly massive loop. Retailing for $19.99, the Big Fruit Loop is allegedly said to taste the same as the name brand we all know and love with the one caveat: buyers won't know which flavor they copped until they open the box (ignoring the fact that technically all Froot Loops aren't actually individually flavored despite what the different colors might lead you to believe).

Having learned from their past run-ins with copyright law, MSCHF have shrewdly avoided incurring Kellogg's legal wrath by calling their creation a "Fruit Loop" instead of, in a very Berenstain Bears Mandela-effect moment, the cereal brand's actual name, Froot Loops. The Big Fruit Loop's packaging also features various nods to the original cereal including the blue toucan mascots, one of which happens to be choking on the oversized cereal, to various games and brainteasers like a maze and a riff on Wordle on the back of the box. The half-pound loop even comes with the tagline "part of an extremely unbalanced breakfast." According to a disclaimer on the box, no cartoon birds were harmed in the production of The Big Fruit Loop.

Photo Courtesy of MSCHF