Now You Can Finally Smell Like WD-40
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Now You Can Finally Smell Like WD-40

Let's be honest for a moment, we all have a weird smell that we're ashamed to admit that we like. Whether it's huffing gasoline, killing brain cells with Sharpie markers or the intoxicating aroma of industrial lubricant WD-40, everybody has at least one olfactory vice. While we can't help you with those first two, you can now finally fulfill your dreams of smelling like the inside of a toolbox thanks to MSCHF.

For their latest drop, Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF has distilled the unique scent of WD-40 into its very own cologne. Retailing for $48.00 plus shipping, the Smells Like WD-40 cologne comes in a slim bottle designed to look like an upscale version of the classic multi-use spray with a red cap and blue-brushed metal finish. With taglines such as "Smells Like The Real Thing" and "Eau de Industrie," the key selling point seems to be making you smell like a mechanic that just got done changing a bike chain without the elbow grease or dirty hands. It's a win-win.

MSCF's WD-40 perfume is only the latest irreverent offering from the art and streetwear agitators. Just last month, the collective made the dreams come true of sugar-addled kids everywhere by releasing a cereal that consisted of just one big Fruit Loop. Straightforwardly called "The Big Fruit Loop," the oversized piece of cereal featured several tongue-in-cheek nods to the Kellogg's breakfast brand including a riff on its blue toucan mascot and the tagline, "Part of an extremely unbalanced breakfast."

Photos courtesy of MSCHF