An Otherwordly Escape With Mowalola

An Otherwordly Escape With Mowalola

By Paper MagazineMay 30, 2024

Although change is slow, one thing is certain: each generation continues to push the boundaries of self-expression, especially in the digital world, as a source of both connection and escape in a world littered with crimes against nature and human rights. Photographer, stylist and mixed media artist David Oldenburg unpacks this idea in his latest editorial, called "All Saints," featuring the Mowalola 2024 ready-to-wear collection.

The images tell a story of queer youth seeking an otherworldly escape and a greater purpose free from mass-consumerism. "The creative concept is rooted in predicaments, as it captures a confound generation in an escapist world of psychedelia," Oldenburg tells PAPER. "Aesthetically, the project references the fantastical paintings of the late Boris Vallejo, often described as logically unfathomable yet boldly hopeful in essence."

See the Mowalola-fied, Gen Z escape, below.

Photography, styling and CGI: David Oldenburg
Styling Assistant: Marco Bortone
Hair, makeup and model: Theo Papoui courtesy of @