Simone Rocha Gives Moncler the Dark, Romantic Treatment

Simone Rocha Gives Moncler the Dark, Romantic Treatment

The first Moncler Genius launch of 2020 is here, and they're kicking things off with Simone Rocha, one of the biggest draws of London Fashion Week. The Irish designer, known for her experimental approach to femininity, applied her dreamy and romantic aesthetic to Moncler's signature outerwear for an ethereal take on cold-weather gear.

This season, Rocha wanted to give the clothes a lighter feel while incorporating elements of movement and dance as seen on things like frilly outerwear and tulle fabrics. But this wouldn't be a Simone Rocha collection without some dark, spooky details like all-black textiles and jarring silhouettes.

Another reference point was the famed Italian film director Federico Fellini known for his distinct baroque and fantasy style in movies like Roma and La Dolce Vita. Meanwhile, the materials used encompass a wide variety of styles including micro taffetas, nylon technique, crinkled laqué and nylon légere.

Browse a selection of items from 4 Moncler Simone Rocha, available to shop now, below.

Photos courtesy of Moncler