MILK Makeup's New Astrology Stamps Let Everyone See Your Stars

MILK Makeup's New Astrology Stamps Let Everyone See Your Stars

I'm no astrologer, but here's a prediction anyway: Milk Makeup's new additions to its popular tattoo stamps range will be a hit. The cult brand has launched a stamp representing every sign in the zodiac, combining the powers of beauty and horoscopes to produce one highly Instagrammable product.

You can use the pens to decorate your face and/or body with your astrological chart — it's definitely a cute way to let others know what your sign is, if they're not getting it from your Virgo energy alone. The new designs pair well with MILK's original tattoo stamp range, which includes moon, star, heart, and smiley face symbols.

If the word "tattoo" is a little scary, never fear: the stamps are made with waterproof formula that won't transfer, but they come off easily with an oil-based makeup remover. Ingredients like sunflower oil and Vitamin E help prevent skin irritation. Like all MILK products, the tattoo stamps are vegan and cruelty free.

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The new pens retail for $12 each. For full accuracy, remember to get them for your moon and rising stars too.

Image courtesy MILK

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