Miley Cyrus Went Swimming in Vintage Versace

Miley Cyrus Went Swimming in Vintage Versace

Miley Cyrus is going through it, but she's staying strong. That's the message of her thinly veiled Liam Hemsworth break up ballad "Slide Away," which got a full music video today. Dripping in gold Versace chainmail and chlorine, the new clip sees Miley float in a pool the morning after a debauched house party, looking both very beautiful and very sad.

Directed by Alexandre Moors, the video is appropriately dark and moody, littered with empty bottles of booze and passed out party guests. We're a little worried about what looks like a very expensive, Gianni-era dress getting ruined in the water (Page Six estimates the garment is worth upwards of $50k), but maybe Miley has a good drycleaner.

The real-life circumstances of "Slide Away" are a little complicated right now. Hemsworth filed for divorce from Cyrus last month, and she's moved on super quickly with minor The Hills star Kaitlynn Carter. They actually seem really happy together! As the song's lyrics declare, Cyrus is no longer 17, and clearly ready to move on from the relationship she's been in for a full decade.

Watch the whole video, below.

Screenshot via YouTube