Miguel Angeles Doesn't Want to Be Bad

Miguel Angeles Doesn't Want to Be Bad

by Marissa Matozzo

Many of us grew up watching children's cartoons and can remember at least one clear depiction of good versus evil. What is morally right and wrong is often shown through the ubiquitous symbols of an angel and a devil on a character's shoulders.

Rapper Miguel Angeles explores this inner conflict through mainstream religious symbolism in his new track, "Lil Horn." In his self-directed visual accompaniment, premiering today on PAPER, Angeles is seen decked out in devilish attire while dancer and meme star Donte Colley plays his angelic counterpart.

In several vibrantly colored scenes, their paths cross multiple times as Angeles opens up about facing mortality, and not wanting to be "bad." The video concludes with a one minute solo dance scene performed by Colley.

Angeles raps as he sits beside a cross, "I don't want to be bad/ Sometimes I feel like that/ But maybe you belong up high/ Maybe I should come up, too/ Now I'm not afraid to die/ Hoping I might see you."

Angeles wonders whether the classic devilish appearance of his two horns actually defines him, and recognizes that he is facing turmoil within. The track, Angeles explains, is about a person who reacts to unpleasant emotions by delivering reciprocal "bad" behavior. However, what's important is that they truly want to change.

"'Lil Horn' is about someone who reacts to stress and trauma by behaving like a little devil and acting out, and although they sometimes find enjoyment in it, they really would prefer to change their ways and go up to heaven with the loved ones they've lost," he says.

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Photo courtesy of The Truth Music Group