Mehro's Ketamine Daydream

Mehro's Ketamine Daydream

By Ivan GuzmanFeb 02, 2024

mehro’s moody melodies linger. The LA native’s music is confessional and tender, songs that tap into love, despair and everything in between. Pronounced “marrow,” their name is meant to encapsulate their goal of seeping into the literal DNA of their listeners. “The concept was born from bone marrow: It’s essential for us to live, but we never see it.”

Their new music video for “ketamine,” which premieres today on PAPER, explores the darker side of this creative pursuit. “Like a Lamborghini or a high-pressure drill, ketamine is a powerful tool that can be used wisely or misused unwisely,” they say. “[Writing the song] was a channeled and magical experience.”

The video starts with a trigger warning: “This production contains material of a sensitive nature.” In it, we see a fish-eye view of a couple in a dingy apartment going back and forth over getting high. The camera pans over to mehro in a room, overlooking the whole ordeal. It’s an apt depiction of what some might call a K-hole, but it was all inspiration for the singer-songwriter. “I strive to be fearless in art come hell or high water.”

Outside of the premiere, mehro also shared exclusively with PAPER that new music is on the way, another chapter in the singer's "constant quest of authenticity and to be recognized by the people who enjoy my music." "I haven’t told anybody this... my third project, Trauma Lullabies comes out on May 2," he said. "I hope it speaks to anyone who will listen."

Photography: Russel Tandy