Are White Lotus' Meghann Fahy and Leo Woodall A Thing?

Are White Lotus' Meghann Fahy and Leo Woodall A Thing?

The second season of The White Lotus may be over, but the off-screen romance rumors are just starting to heat up.

While the two may not have shared a lot of screen time together, speculation that Meghann Fahy and Leo Woodall are more than just co-stars is currently running rampant after a tip published by everyone's favorite Instagram gossip hound, DeuxMoi, insinuated the two might be an item. Neither Fahy nor Woodall have confirmed that they're dating (that would be way too easy), but the mere suggestion has already triggered an exhaustive social media investigation of the pair's interactions, scrutinizing everything down to emoji choice.

First, there's the carousel of behind-the-scenes polaroids Woodall shared back in September, one of which shows Fahy playfully sucking on his Woodall's pinky. Fahy notably gushed in the comments: “I love you! I love these! I love you!” with a kissing-face emoji; Woodall replied, “love you right back." There's also the photo Fahy shared where she talks about how much she loves the UK, to which Woodall made sure to reply “UK loves you back.”

Now, if these were isolated incidents, the free exchange of the L-word could easily be written off as simply being two really good friends and coworkers being supportive of one another... but it also could be the beginning of a pattern. Fahy most recently shared a photo dump of her time filming in Sicily, which, among other snaps of her alongside Haley Lu Richardson, Adam DiMarco, Theo James, Aubrey Plaza, Will Sharpe and Sabrina Impacciatore, featured a selfie of her with Woodall looking mighty cozy.

If we've learned anything from TheWhite Lotus' cast's press tour (apart from the fact that Haley Lu Richardson burped into Woodall's mouth), it's that they are all one another's biggest fans — so the pair's borderline flirty exchanges maybe shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. But even if the evidence seems tenuous at best, the universe seems to really want Fahy and Woodall to be a thing, so for the time being, at least, we are more than content to live in that fantasy.

Photos courtesy of Getty/ Karwai Tang and Jeff Kravitz