Haley Lu Richardson Burped in Leo Woodall's Mouth

Haley Lu Richardson Burped in Leo Woodall's Mouth

That’s officially a wrap on Season Two of White Lotus. Set in Sicily, the latest season brought Michael Imperioli out of retirement and gave us the timeless "Peppa Pig" ad-lib, among other memorable moments.

Haley Lu Richardson took to Instagram today to dispel some mysteries, expressing gratitude for her co-stars and sharing behind the scenes tidbits, including the down and dirty on her kissing scenes with Leo Woodall, who played one of her love interests, Jack.

She delivered the inside scoop on who made her laugh, cry and pee her pants (Jennifer Coolidge), who taught her Taekwondo (Michael Imperioli) and who called her "Sugartits" (Coolidge... again). Richardson also thanked Aubrey Plaza for being Aubrey Plaza, professed her sincere love for Simona Tabasco and gushed about Adam DiMarco.

In perhaps the greatest revelation of all, Richardson confessed to having burped in Woodall’s mouth during "that one kissing scene." We're betting this incident happened during the competitive bar scene kiss to really make Albie, played by DiMarco, jealous.

Richardson further revealed that Daphne Sullivan, played by Meghann Fahy, is her favorite character, which tracks, and that she and Beatrice Grannò both love cats. They’re just like us.

After thanking the White Lotus cast and crew, Richard shared some silly behind the scenes photos from filming in Sicily and came clean as a lightweight, sharing a lip-biting blinged baseball-cap donning photo to apologize for the photo dump induced by "three glasses of wine."

Thank you, Haley Lu Richardson, for nursing our own post-watch party hangovers and keeping us from any immediate White Lotus withdrawals. Until next season.

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