Max Ehrich Accused of Staging His Sad Beach Photos

Max Ehrich Accused of Staging His Sad Beach Photos

The internet is not here for Max Ehrich's ongoing displays of public, post-breakup sadness.

Last month, the actor and Demi Lovato broke off their engagement following rumors that he was using her to further his own career. And while Lovato's kept relatively quiet about the split, Ehrich has since pled for a reconciliation, said that he found out about the break-up from a tabloid report, and accused Lovato of "using" him as part of a "PR stunt" — all of which has been met with skepticism from fans.

Over the weekend though, Ehrich was spotted by TMZon the same Malibu beach where he proposed to Lovato back in July. And though he can be seen visibly "sulking" in the published photos, the internet has since continued to question whether his supposed sadness was actually genuine with many speculating that he called the paparazzi on himself.

"Max Ehrich really called paparazzi to follow him to the beach where he proposed to Demi just so he can fake cry," as one Twitter user wrote, while another quipped, "Sir who is this performance for??"

Meanwhile, others called Ehrich "hypocritical" and said he was a "great example of how NOT to act after a break up."

For the most part though, many called his "performance" overwrought and proceeded to roast him for what they believed was an overdramatic bid at "attention seeking."

"I haven't laughed this hard in months," as Vanity Fair's Emily Kirkpatrick wrote, "Thank you Max Ehrich for these ridiculously staged photographs."

Ehrich has yet to respond to the speculation, but in the meantime, you can see what else people are saying about his beach outing, below.

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