Max Ehrich Accuses Demi Lovato of Trying to 'Sabotage' His Life

Max Ehrich Accuses Demi Lovato of Trying to 'Sabotage' His Life

Max Ehrich can't keep Demi Lovato's name out of his mouth.

On Thursday, the actor allegedly took to Twitter to accuse his ex of trying to ruin his life in a since-deleted post, which also seemingly referred to a fake Instagram account that was allegedly set up by Lovato to bully Selena Gomez.

"Remember when my ex fiancé made a finsta bullying Selena Gomez and then tried to sabotage my life," Ehrich appeared to have said in a screenshot captured by Pop Crave. He then went on to bitterly add, "Me too."

According to Girlfriend, the finsta in question first made headlines back in April 2020 after Selenators supposedly stumbled upon a private account dubbed @traumaqueen4eva. Allegedly featuring screenshots of things like Lovato holding a magazine cover of the former friends with their signature on top of Gomez's face, Gomez's fans were then further convinced of the account's authenticity after Lovato and Ehrich allegedly used it for an Instagram Live.

Granted, Lovatics continued to claim that all this "evidence" was Photoshopped, which Ehrich allegedly confirmed in a group DM with fans. Even so, he seemingly encouraged them to "keep dragging [Lovato] with it" following their highly publicized breakup in September 2020.

Notably though, Ehrich previously got in trouble with Lovato's fans after they dug up alleged posts about Gomez, in which he appeared to say he wanted to marry her. And though Lovato initially responded by calling the screenshots "fake," calls for the star to dump the "clout chaser" only grew until they finally called off their engagement.

Around the same time, Ehrich began to obsessively tweet about his ex, doing everything from begging Lovato to take him back to accusing them of using their relationship as a "PR stunt." In this vein, Ehrich was also later photographed by paparazzi looking morose while sitting on a beach, which fans believed were staged. So it's probably smart to take his latest tweet with a huge grain of salt.

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